MCA Recessed impeller torque flow pumps


Thanks to the shape of the impeller and to its recessed position in the casing, MCA pumps are suitable for pumping viscous and pasty liquids containing suspended solids.


Impeller: the impeller is of open type with radial blades. The impeller is provided with back vanes to balance the axial thrust and the pressure in the stuffing box area.
Casing: volute type with ample section end suction and top discharge nozzles. The flanges are NP 10 according to UNI-EN-DIN-JIS- standards.
Shaft sealing: basic pump version is mechanically sealed but soft packing with optional external flushing with clean fluid can be fitted. In case of dangerous liquids pumps can be provided with double mechanical seals completed with barrier system. For high temperature the pump can be provided with a cooling chamber. The fitting of single or double acting mechanical seals flushed from external source by suitable media can also be possible.


Standard constructions are in cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steels. Any other material combinations can be supplied.


Sewage treatment plants, paper industry, food and sugar industry and generally to convey all liquids with suspended solids.


Capacity up to 500 m3/h.
Total dynamic head up to 100 meters.
Speed from 750 to 3500 rpm.


The special impeller shape and its position in the back part of the casing operates in such a way that the solid particles in suspension flow through the casing without touching the impeller directly.