Quality and Environmental Policy

By drafting and approving this document, the Senior management of POMPE GARBARINO S.p.A. intends to renew its own integrated business management Policy on issues concerning the Quality and the Environment.

Therefore, the company POMPE GARBARINO S.p.A. undertakes to respect the following principles:

The Organization has also proposed to respect its commitment through the following improvement Objectives:

The company Management defines also specific objectives consistent with the Integrated Policy and with the other objectives of the Organization, in order to:

It is recognized, however, that, in order to obtain a satisfactory qualitative and environmental level, the collaboration and involvement of all the personnel is necessary, and these must follow the rules and the indications outlined in the Integrated Manual and in the relevant company procedures/instructions.

POMPE GARBARINO S.p.A. also guarantees to operate in compliance with all the legal provisions concerning the management of personnel and operational means, safety, handling, transportation, respect for the environment, and privacy.

POMPE GARBARINO S.p.A. discloses information about its own Integrated Management System through the company website.