MU-LDS Vertical in line double suction centrifugal pumps


Single stage vertical centrifugal pumps in spacer coupling design. Casing with in-line flanges and with high efficiency double inlet impeller, low NPSH required and balanced axial thrust, flow rate up to 3.500 m3/h.


Fresh water, sea water, industrial water, condensate, brine, oils and other clean liquids.
Shipbuilding industry: ballast, hull and general services, cooling, circulation. Land based industry: circulation, cooling, water supply and general services.


MU-LDS pumps are available in six sizes. Wetted material can be in cast iron, nickel-aluminium bronze, stainless steel or special alloy. Automatic priming system execution by means of ejector or vacuum pump.
Special executions according to Naval rules, shock-proof, noise-proof, vibration-proof, non magnetic.


MU-LDS pumps are designed in order to offer best possible performance and lowest possible maintenance. BACK PULL-OUT design allows maintenance on internal parts without removing motor and pipes.
Easy replacement of bearings and seal without pump dismantling.
Casing: casing is of the double volute type to reduce radial load on impeller and ensure maximum working life of bearings and mechanical seal.
Mechanical seal: high quality mechanical seal (silicon carbide/silicon carbide/viton) for a wide range of applications. Mechanical seal is cartridge design for easy installation and removing. Soft packing is also available.
Bearing bracket and motor stool: external grease bearings in special bracket specially designed for ease of maintenance. Bracket design allows the replacement of mechanical seal and bearings without dismantling the pump completely.
The motor stool in welded steel to reduce vibrations has got a wide opening to facilitate maintenance.